At the event we set up a a free clothing store where guests can pick out a whole new wardrobe.  Everything from jackets to kids t-shirts are appreciated – (please no socks or underwear :))  Make sure it is washed and in good condition, also if you could pack them in boxes that will make it easy for us to store.  You are more than welcome to drop the items off at First Avenue Christian Assembly during the work week anytime after September 1st or we can arrange to pick it up if you are collecting for a business or office.

As the event will be taking place in October we will be heading into the colder months of the year so warmer clothes would also be appreciated.  We also set up a special section for kids clothes.

We know you have tons of clothes just sitting in your closet waiting to be released…don’t keep them…DONATE!!  Plus, it gives you a reason to go shopping for a little something for yourself.  Thanks in advance.